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1877 Nez Perce Flight - Nez Perce National Historic Trail
<!--01-->1877 Nez Perce Flight - Nez Perce National Historic Trail
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Year - 2016

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Designated by Congress in 1986, the entire Nez Perce National Historic Trail stretches 1,170 miles from the Wallowa Valley of eastern Oregon to the plains of north-central Montana.

The Nez Perce Flight of 1877 symbolizes the dramatic collision of cultures which continues to shape the West and its people. A native people were forced to flee their homelands in a futile attempt to avoid war and save their traditional ways. Immigrated European people found themselves fighting neighbors who had been their friends for many years. Traditional trails which had long been a source of joy and sustenance became a trail of flight and conflict, a trail of sorrow.

For those who look and listen carefully, the trail stories still whisper in the winds. The trail memorializes not only those who died during the flight, but those who survived. Their tragic journey marked the end of freedom for the Nez Perce and opened their lands to settlement.

Come learn how the Niimíipuu, pursued by the army, made a hasty journey over this trail in 1877. See through their eyes. Feel the pain of leaving their homeland for uncertain future. Their example of fortitude and conviction is a model of the Niimíipuu today.

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