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Lolo National Forest - Seeley Lake Ranger District
<!--01-->Lolo National Forest - Seeley Lake Ranger District
Year: 2014

Scale: 1" to the Mile (1:63,360)

Topographic Lines: Yes, Contour Interval 100 Feet


From high mountain lakes to cascading whitewater of rivers and creeks, forested hillsides, rolling meadows, and "Blue Ribbon" trout streams the 2.1 million acres of the Lolo National Forest provides diverse fish and wildlife habitat, abundant clean water and countless recreation opportunities. Whether you enjoy hiking, biking, bird watching, camping, or riding your ATV -- many recreation opportunities await you. From the remote solitude of the wilderness to the more developed areas close by, the Lolo National Forest has something for everyone. Whatever your interests are, we invite you to come and enjoy your National Forest. You can also help us protect this important resource from noxious weeds, which can seriously degrade the natural system. Take care to keep your pets, livestock, and vehicles free from weeds and their seeds.

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