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Klamath National Forest
<!--05-->Klamath National Forest
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Official Forest Service map of the Klamath National Forest which covers an area of 1,700,000 acres.

Year - 2017
Topo (Contour) Lines - No
Relief Shading - No
Material - Plastic
Double Sided - Yes

The Klamath National Forest is one of the most biologically diverse and uncrowded national forests in America. Some 100 miles wide and 85 miles long, its 1.7 million acres of terrain, waters, plants and animals combine with a wide-ranging climate to form a rich mosaic of beautiful landscapes. Klamath landscapes are ideal habitats for wildlife and people as well. Here you can enjoy attractive uncrowded settings for sightseeing, hiking, river rafting and kayaking, horseback riding, wildlife watching, camping, snowmobiling, fishing, hunting, mountain biking, nature study, exploring local history, and just relaxing. As a visitor to the Klamath, you add to its richness through your presence and careful enjoyment of its resources. The Klamath National Forest is truly a special place, and best of all it belongs to you.

  • Located in Siskiyou County, Northern California and Jackson County, Oregon..
  • Waterproof and tear resistant material
  • Highlights recreation opportunities such as trails, campground, boat launches, and more
  • Includes official US Forest Service district office contact information to check local conditions as well as township and range section numbers
  • Land ownership boundaries (federal, state, private) are color coded
  • Printed in the U.S.A.

Our Price: $14.00
Folded Dimensions: (L" x W" x D") 9 x 4 x .25
Unfolded Dimensions: (L" x W") 45 x 40
Map Scale: 1/2" = 1 mile (1:126,720)

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