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Dome Land Wilderness
<!--05-->Dome Land Wilderness
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Year - 1991

Scale - 1" to the Mile (1:63,360)

Topo Lines - Yes, Contour Interval 80 Feet


The Dome Land Wilderness derives its name from the massive granite domes, rugged cliffs, and unique geological formations found throughout this scenic area. The majority of the Dome Land is semiarid to desert-like in apperance. Vegetation is primarily pinyon pine woodlands in the eastern half and Jeffrey pine in the western half with red fir, lodgepole and foxtail pines at the higher elevations. There are unique varieties of Potentilla, buckwheat, phacelia and nemacladus found within the Wilderness boundaries.

The geology of the area is dominated by Mesozoic granitic rock with numerous domes. Three major Tertiary volcanic outcrops lie between Taylor and Manter Creeks. There are several small waterfalls along the South Fork of the Kern River, especially on Taylor and Manter Creeks. The River below Rockhouse Meadow flows through a rugged and steep granite gorge with many whitewater rapids.
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