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Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest
<!--03-->Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest
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Official Forest Service map of the Apache Sitgreaves National Forest, encompassing over 30 lakes and reservoirs, and more than 1,000 miles of rivers and streams.

Year � 2016
Topo (Contour) Lines � No
Relief Shading � Yes
Material - Paper
Double Sided - Yes

The Apache and Sitgreaves National Forests, administrated as one National Forest, encompass two million acres of magnificent mountain country in east-central Arizona. The Sitgreaves was named for Captain Lorenzo Sitgreaves, a government topographical engineer who conducted the first scientific expedition across Arizona in the early 1850s. On the Sitgreaves, the major attractions for visitors are the Mogollon Rim and eight coldwater lakes. From the Mogollon Rim�s 7,600-foot elevation, vista points provide inspiring views of the lowlands to the south. The Mogollon Rim, names after Don Jaun Ignacio Flores Mogollon (pronounced: muggy-own) who was the governor of the Province of New Mexico from 1712 to 1715, extends 200 miles from Flagstaff, Arizona, into western New Mexico.

  • Includes ranges in elevation from 3500 feet near Clifton to nearly 11,500 feet on Mount Baldy.
  • Waterproof and tear resistant material
  • Highlights recreation opportunities such as trails, campground, boat launches, and more
  • Includes official US Forest Service district office contact information to check local conditions as well as township and range section numbers
  • Land ownership boundaries (federal, state, private) are color coded
  • Printed in the U.S.A.

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Folded Dimensions: (L" x W" x D") 9 x 4 x .375
Unfolded Dimensions: (L" x W") 45 x 40
Map Scale: 1/2"= 1 Mile (1:126,720)

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